Powering and controlling a 5v rgb strip with NPN s8050 instead of mosfet?

Hi. I'm very new to using arduinos and such. I don't have any mosfets currently. Is there any way i can hook up a non-adressable rgb led strip to my arduino using s8050's instead of mosfets? The strip only takes 5 volts so i'm assuming i don't need to have any external psu. Also, how do i know which resistors i need to use? The strip does not specify the amps needed.
Thanks in advance!


Show us a good schematic of your proposed circuit.
Show us a good image of your ‘actual’ wiring.
Give links to components.

We should not be expected to hunt for data sheets or imagine what you are trying to do.

Sorry, as i said i'm very new to this.
This is the setup i see most people use, however i don't have any mosfets.
I was wondering if i could use something like these: S8050 Transistor Pinout, Features, Equivalent, Circuit & Datasheet (components101.com)
I don't actually have any wiring yet, as i'm afraid of frying the arduino if i actually have to plug in an external power supply. Hope this clears it up a little bit and again, sorry.

Your transistor will need a base resistor.

Your LED strip (if 5V) will require an external 5V power supply, we need to see what the strip is.

If you have a DMM measure the current to illuminate the strip.

The transistor is quite limited in the collector current it can handle, maybe a maximum ~600mA.

So if i follow the schematic i posted, and instead of using a 12v psu, i use a 5v one. And then replace the mosfets with the transistors. Would i be able to control it? I read something about mosfets being logic level, and it seems that that is what allows the arduino to control the strip, but i don't know how it works with transistors.
Here is a picture of the strip i have:

So your strip has 1 led? You don't need any transistors at all!

How many RGB pixels are on your strip ?

(BJTs) Transistors are current devices, MOSFETs are voltage.

A BJT transistor can be used to control/turn ON, LEDs.

Looks like the R and G LED might be taking ~30mA each and same for B.

If all RGB are ON this would be 90mA per pixel.

If the transistor is 600mA:
600 ÷ 30 ≈ 20 pixels
30mA * 3leds * 20pixels ≈ 2 Amp power supply @ 5v

There are 30 pixels on the strip.
So to control the strip to get a specific color i will have to use MOSFETs?

If an Arduino is controlling the strip, and you have 30 pixels, you need a higher powered BJT or a logic level MOSFET.

30pixels * 3leds * 30mA ≈ 3A @5v power supply.

Some examples of logic level MOSFETs.

Thank you so much. I guess i'll have to buy some MOSFETs.

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