Powering Arduino Nano with BEC

I’m building a quadcopter using the Arduino Nano. To save the weight of a dedicated second battery, I’m hoping to use one of the BECs of my ESCs to power the Nano (via VIN and GND). My BECs are rated 5V/2A, is it as simple as powering the Nano with one of these directly, or are there voltage/current constraints to consider? It’s my understanding that the Nano cannot through VIN handle any more than 6V…is this the case? What precautions should I take to regulate as a result? Thanks for your help

I've had no problems running from a 5V BEC connected to the 5V pin (pin27), not Vin. I think Vin (pin30) is the one with the regulator that handles 6-20V so needs at least 6V.


I see, thanks for your help Steve