Powering this board with 6 AA batteries. Will it work?


I have tried powering this board through the VIN pin with 6 AA batteries, yielding about 9.45V (checked with voltmeter) at when they're new.

It lights up, and can I can make the internal LED blink using the classic "Blink" sketch, but the BLE module seems not to power on when battery powered.

Anyone have experience in powering this board, and using BLE, with batteries?


Hi Nailernforce,
The Nano 33 BLE has a MPM3610 Step down Converter included.
If you look into the datasheet, you will see, that he will work in range of 4.5 to 21V and step down the voltage to 3.3V for the Nina306.
I made a check with my own Board and the Nano 33 BLE will work at ca. 3.9V too.
You just Need to connect your battery + to Vin and battery - to GND.

This should work. I hope I could help.

Hi! I did connect these, but did not have any success in getting the BLE module to work while battery powered. What I did was the following:

  1. Upload an example sketch where we use the nano as a peripheral named "BatteryLevel" via USB.
  2. Use BLE scanner to verify that the peripheral is indeed advertising. It works.
  3. Unplug the Arduino from the usb cable.
  4. Plug in the positive pole from the 6AA(9.5V) battery pack into VIN, and the negative pole into ground.
  5. Use BLE scanner to verify the peripheral is advertising. This time, it does not work.
  6. Upload a simple Blink sketch that blinks the built in LED.
  7. Verify that the blink sketch works using battery power: It does work.

I have the exact same issue. The BLE module works fine when powering the board via USB (when connected to a PC), but when using an external supply (such as a 9V-battery) it just won't work. Correctly connected with the + to VIN and - to GND.

All other sketches appear to work, but sketches that require the BLE module do not work.

Hi both,

Could it be, that you didn't changed the code?

If there is no Serial communication connected, you will hang by the initialization of Serial because of
"while (!Serial);"

You Need to remove or comment this line. Or if you want to be sure, remove everything with Serial...

Now it should work.

Oh damn! Of course! Thanks a bunch!


Thanks, that while(!Serial) caught me out too.

Maybe the example code could have a comment about this.