print long to lcd with LCDwiki_GUI and LCDwiki_KBV

i was doing some testing with EEPROM needing to store some large numbers as a high score, as it is a distance type of game and those tend to require lots of room for points as the points go up fast. i decided to use EEPROM_writeAnything(). when i looked at the reference file in the library folder, there was Print_Number_Float() and Print_Number_Int() but no Print_Number_Long(). do any of you have any ideas for how to solve this? is there a secret function i didnt find? all help is welcome!

update: it turns out, mylcd.Print_Number_Int() works, but it doesnt print the right number.
i entered: mylcd.Print_Number_Int(highscore, 5, 5, 1, ' ', 8);

im wondering if it has anything to do with the "8" at the end of the function.
highscore is my long variable.

We can't see your code.

Don't forget the code tags.

I have no intention of looking at the LCDWIKI header files. But they are just a badly spelled version of these UTFT functions:

		void	printNumI(long num, int x, int y, int length=0, char filler=' ');
		void	printNumF(double num, byte dec, int x, int y, char divider='.', int length=0, char filler=' ');

So the integer function is expecting a long num.
The length argument is for the number of digits. I expect you want to go up to 99999999 i.e. 8 digits.
You can omit the filler. It defaults to a space. You could use '0' if you wanted '00000123' style padding.

I can't imagine any human playing a game for that number of points.

I leave it as an exercise for you to navigate the badly spelled documentation.


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