Printing Sprites on a led matrix


I'm trying to print a sprite on a zone of my led matrix, can you help me ? I only managed to make one zone working with text and not sprites. This zone is printing the hour, and then some other text messages, but I've read the documentation and I didn't found something looking good for my project.

Can you help me please ?

I'm using parola and MD_MAX72xx librairies.

I just want to print an animated sprite on a single matrix (zone 1 of my defined zones)

Please post links to your libraries.

The libraries I'm using are :

And my issue has been solved and replaced by another one.
I try to print a text on my led matrix using md parola, and I need to print a variable number of sentences. I used a while loop to do so, but the prinnting isn't working at all with the "displayZoneText" command.

I only got some text not replaced by the one wich is following, or I don't get any output. Can you help me please ?

You better ask the developer(s) of the libraries.

Please post links to your libraries.

He specified which ones they were. These are in the library manager of the IDE and should be managed through it, so separate download is nowadays not necessary.

Marco generally keeps an eye on these forums, so may well answer here.

mistano, you will need to post your code here, having read the forum instructions first on how to do so.