Problem between Samsung Tab and Arduino communicating + tablet charging


I have project where i have Samsung Tab Active 3 that is connected with Arduino and arduino recieves and sends out information there. But the problem is that i have to charge the Tab 24/7 as it runs 24/7. And right now i am using USB-C hub for that, I connect power to hub + arduino to hub and connect HUB with my Samsung tablet. But intresting problem is that everytime i connect this hub with power and arduino to tablet it will show the charging of the phone in the right corner in of the tablet, but in some cases like 5 times of 10 the charging is actually in negative and tablet is discharging still.

And if i have 10 exactly the same equipment for every set some of them are discharging and then i just keep chaning the HUBs then at some point i will get positive charging randomly. The problem occurs randomly and sometimes if everything is working and i have power loss, then after small power loss the "charging" will continue in negative, after replugging the cables once again it will work again. I have tried different kind of HUBs and every of the hub acts exactly the same, iv tried expensive high quality ones, cheaper ones, mid class ones...around 15 different of them and problems will be still there for me.

So, is there any better solution for that? Like is it possible to send data through arduino and tablet using NFC or something so i could use USB-c port just for charging or etc? What are your ideas, im abit out of them right now.

Tablets usually have Bluetooth and WiFi so use one of those to communicate with
the Arduino. An ESP32 can do both and can be programmed using the Arduino IDE.

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