Problem installing node.js aREST

I am unable to install aREST to Node.js using “npm install aREST.” This is is my first attempt to use node.js.

Sketch is Marco Schwartz’s “wifi-weather-station.”

Operating system is Windows 8.1, 64 Bit. Arduino IDE 1.5.7. Sketch compiles okay, without error/s.

Attached is a screen capture of the failed attempt to “npm install express jade aREST:” “Express” and “Jade” install okay.


How is the failure to install some Windows code an Arduino issue? Maybe the Ford dealer could help.

Hello William

Try to ask on

The logs indicate that you have not installed the runtime libs of the Windows Visual Studio. The respective installer is available from the Microsoft Pages.

However, if you will have been installed the the Visual Studio things, you will probably run into the next problem. The module arest -and its dependencies- needs a python interpreter for installation which is not present on a new Windows machine. So you probably have to install python.

regards Peter

Hi i have the same problem as you, do you know how to solve it?

No solution so far; I did contact the author of node-arest module. He in turn contacted the owners of other modules in hopes they could provide updates to their modules used by node-arest.

That was the last I heard from Marco S.

Thanks to Marco Schwartz for getting aREST installing correctly on Windows 8.1 x64 systems now!

Latest update: GitHub - marcoschwartz/node-aREST: Node.js module for the aREST framework


Has anyone figured out how to get npm to install the arest package on Ubuntu? I've tried several times and I'm striking out across the board. I have a small robot project using an AdaFruit Huzzah board that I think would work perfectly with the arest / node.js combination.

It appears that the install process fails while trying to install "serialport@1.7.4". I've tried a number of proposed solutions that I found across a number of forums, but I'm not having any luck.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.