Problem with GA6-b GSM-GPRS module

Hello! I've recently made an Arduino phone with the GA6-b GSM-GPRS module and an SPFD5408 screen with touchscreen. Everything worked great i could send voice, but I couldn't manage to receive voice over calls using the GSM module. Any tips? Thanks!

So there's an Arduino involved. Any particular one used or just any Arduino would do?
What device is sending and what device is supposed to receive?
How is the sending verified to be correct?

I used an Arduino UNO and I can send my voice from the GA6-b module to a phone but I cannot receive voice from the phone.

How do You know what is sent from the UNO/GSM?

I know what is sent to the phone bacause i used and mic to send my voice so the phone is receiving my voice from the ga6-b but if i talk into my phone i cannot hear anything from the ga6-b.

How do You think anybody would know?
Post the schematics, the code and links to hardware used.

I am gonna give you the schematics and parts i used tommorow because i am not home but for the code i used the softwareserial example and i send information(the at commands for the ga6-b) over the serial to the uno from my laptop.

Ok so here is the GA6-b board. GA6-B GSM/GPRS Module
And here is the schematics

I see nothing powering the curcuits...

i did not add that to the schematic

If You play hide and seek helpers will not be able to assist.
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never mind. sorry for my question. i am gonna search by myself if no one can help me

I found the error, I need the rec+ and rec- pins for the speaker but I have only the ear-l and ear-r

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