Problem with incremental rotary encoder

The thing is that I bought two incremental rotary encoders and I have failed to make them work, I connected them to an oscilloscope in order to see the output signal and only saw electrical noise. I have connected the encoder to a DC 9V power supply and I have also tried a 5V one, in the details of the product says that it can be fed with a power supply between 5V and 24V. Should I increase the voltage? Why do you think the encoder doesn't work? Have you had problems with encoders in the past? This is the first time I use one.

Thank you for your attention.

This is the encoder I bought:

Have you read this part of the listing?

Note: If the encoder is not connected to the device can not be directly oscilloscope oscilloscope ( open collector output without pull-up resistor when there is no voltage output ) If you want the oscilloscope in AB two-phase output with two pull-up resistors.

Even though the ebay seller does not give you the make and model, if you have purchased one then you will have a label.

Google the manufacturer and make, see if a manual/setup sheet is available.

For the CRO test I would use a 10K resistor on each output to your +9Vdc.

Tom… :slight_smile:

You were right, now it works perfectly well. Thank you very much :slight_smile: