Problem with pins 1 and 0 on Arduino Uno

Hi, I'm doing a fantastic car-like project and I'm using the entire D port, but is there a problem with pin 1 and 0 are always on I am using the serial print function within the program to print a certain phrase, Is that the problem? Is there a way to solve that problem? Thank you!!

Hi @arfeli. Pins 0 and 1 on the Arduino Uno are used for serial communication with the computer over the USB cable. Connecting things to these pins can cause interference between the use of serial and whatever other use you are making of them, that includes being able to upload sketches to the Arduino board.

One thing that might be useful to you is to know that all the analog pins on the Uno can also be used as normal digital pins. So if you aren't already using all the analog pins, you can move those connections from pins 0 and 1 to the analog pins.

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I believe Pert means "So if you aren’t already using all the digital pins..."


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Thank you all!

Oops. Thanks @countrypaul!

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