Problem with power to my Arduino Uno

I am wiring a Arduino uno with a knob to run a servco motor in my boat to control my throttle.

I hooked everything up to the diagram i found on this site, and powered it up from my marine battery (12v). The board was on for about 2 mins, then all the lights went out and it wouldn't power on. Also where I had the plug in for power, it was getting hot.

So I took it inside and hooked it up via USB to my computer, the 2 lights on the board go on for about 2 seconds, then they shut off?

Did I fry the board when I hooked it up to my marine battery? The battery is only putting out 12v and the board should be able to support that correct? Do I need to add a Voltage regulator to my setup, 12v to 9v??


Big change you indeed fried the board. But "the diagram i found on this site" is as clear as "the diagram I found in the bottom drawer of my night stand". Post the diagram here.

The Arduino can indeed handle 12V but!

  1. Measure the voltage in the boat, it's probably closer to 14V :wink:

  2. There can be significant voltages spikes in a alternator driver supply.

  3. The voltage regulator can about just handle that to drive the Arduino. But it can't drive anythin else then, especially not a servo.

Aka, you have to use a seperate voltage regulator to power the servo (but it can power the Arduino as well). Use a DC-DC buck regulator to not wast a ton of heat.