Problem with USB HostShield with Bluetooth Dongle (Local Bluetooth Address is empty)

System configuration:

  • Arduino UNO (Arduino IDE version 1.8.15)
  • USB HostShield (used with USB Host Shield Library 2.0 version 1.6.0)
  • Several USB Bluetooth Dongle (different manufacturers)

"PS3BT" from "USB Host Shield Library 2.0 Example.
"#define DEBUG_USB_HOST" added to "message.h" because otherwise only "PS3 Bluetooth Library Started" was output.

PS3BT no "PS3 Bluetooth Library Started" shows address for no BT adapter.
PS3 Bluetooth Library Started
Bluetooth Dongle Initialized
HCI Reset complete
Write class of device
Local Bluetooth Address: :::::
Wait For Incoming Connection Request

PS3USB works without problems.

Does anyone have an idea where the error is?

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