Problem with USBTINY isp device

I got a ( probably el-cheapo ) USBTINY avr isp programmer from Ebay, but a long time ago and I dont recall who sold it. It almost certainly shipped from China. It says on the board ‘Arduino compatible Ver 3.05’. The name ‘Xinda’ is written on it.
I tried to use this to download the bootloader to a new '328 inserted into a UNO with this thing. But the pc doesnt recognise it ( in Device Manager I get the dreaded yellow triangle ).
It seems to need a driver of some sort, but I found nothing on Google ( or Ebay ) concerning this thing.
I downloaded drivers for the Adafruit USBTINY, but nothing works…
So, the question is: can I get a driver for this thing or shall I bin it and get a decent one from Amazon?

Incidentally, there is a circuit for this thing using an ATTINY2313. It looks pretty simple to build. What do people think?


Try the links here
back to the USBasp design pages, I think you can find drivers there.

I got a ( probably el-cheapo ) USBTINY avr isp programmer from Ebay, but a long time ago and I dont recall who sold it.

One problem might be in the name you are using for your programmer as there is a USBtinyISP product name made by the adafruit folks that works with the arduino IDE. There is also a AVR ISP programmer original made by the AVR folks and also works with the arduino IDE. Both products have been 'cloned' by many Asian (and others) E-bay sellers to add to the confusion. These two programmer types use different PC driver software, so it's hard to tell what you actually have and what driver might work with it. I've owned a adafruit USBtinyISP and it has always worked fine by has a big shortcoming in that it can't work with AVR chips with more then (I think) 64KB of flash memory, so it can't burn bootloaders into mega1280/2560 boards. Of course these days many people just use any standard arduino board running the arduinoISP sketch that can be used to program other arduino avr boards or standalone avr chips. I recently bought a cheap USBasp programmer for $5+ shipping and it works well for even mega boards


Thank you, people. I had tried the Adafruit download and it didnt work, so I was faffing about with the other downloads, when it struck me that this [u]had[/u] to be the Adafruit type because it used the 2313. So, I reloaded the Adafruit driver, only this time I let the pc find it ( last time I did it manually ) and this time it seems to have worked. No, me neither.