Problem with wifi module esp8266

I've already done several tutorials, but I never got this module to communicate with the arduino.
As the module creates a network automatically I tried to use the ESP8266 SmartConfig app, but it did not work.
I still tried using to load firmware into the module, thinking it might solve the problem, but was never able to communicate with the module through arduino.
Can you give me a helping hand trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

arduino ------- module
TX ------> TX
RX ------> RX
GND ------> GND
5v ------> VCC (operating voltage: 4.5 V-5.5 V (On-board 3.3 v LDO Regulator))

NOTE: I do not have a TTL to USB converter. I thought that as the vendor said that the parameters can be defined by the AT command this could be done through the arduino. Is it necessary to use?

Er. TX goes to RX and viceversa else nothing is talking !

I don't understand what you told me to do.

TX ------> RX
RX ------> TX


I don't realize why I should do this, . . . .

You generally get better results when you whisper into someones ear rather than into their mouth.


You are using Software Serial unnecessarily when the Arduino has a hardware serial. Use the marked TX RX pins.

ESP8266 TX transmits serial data and needs to be connected to Arduino RX which is waiting to receive data.

i.e. TX shouts out and RX listens to it.

The response will appear in the serial monitor window every second as is.

That's a reset error message ! Generated by the chip via the usb serial to the IDE

Put it this way if you are not going to listen to advice then there is no point anyone giving it to you.

TX to TX is NOT the way to do it. You get no response because something else is wrong in the code.....

I just re-read your original post. It appears you for some reason reflashed the firmware, I suspect you have somehow screwed up the module.

Try following the instructions in this step by step.

or this