Problems downloading into a sketch


I have looked in the forum but can't see a solution. My problem is the Libraries downloads. I download a code, unzip it into a folder then try to send it to a Arduino sketch.

it always ends up in a notes folder on my computer which I can't send it forward.

if this is a laptop programme problem the I apologise in advance.

I am a pensioner who has taken up Arduino as a hobby.



You are being very vague.

Please provide exact details of what you are trying to accomplish.

Please explain the process you are following.

Please explain exactly the problem you are encountering.

There is a guide HERE

To install your own libraries that might not be covered by that tutorial, place them in the LIBRARIES folded

Close out the IDE.

Go to the libraries folder where you placed then and simply unzip it but don't change anything. Check the folder structure to make sure it is not lets say for example "Lib01_master" with another folder inside that called "lib01_master"

If it is remove the "_master from the inner directory and copy it to the main libraries folder and then deleted the now empty "Lib01_master folder"

Now restart the IDE and it should be listed in your libraries. If you see any error messages in the lower console you could have made a mistake or the lib may have a conflict of some description.

Using the library manager of the IDE itself is the better option to add libs. as then they will often get the updates.

If I missed anything there Pert correct me as I know this is more your area.

Can you post a link to what you downloaded?