problems uploading sketch to chip on breadboard.

I followed the guide on how to move the arduino chip to a breadboard, the program that was on it works like a charm.

But when I try to upload a new sketch onto the chip via the TX & RX pins from the board to the Tx & RX pins on the chip, the board has no chip installed, I get out of sync errors and such. what have I done wrong?

Do you have the TX and RX wired the correct way?

Is there a processor installed in the Arduino when you try to upload to the breadboard processor?

Do you have things connected to the Rx/Tx pins on the chip on the breadboard? Is hard to tell from the video. If you do, disconnect the other part of your circuit so nothing interferes with the Rx/Tx from the USB connector/ [edit] FTDI chip.

Yes the TX and RX are connected from the arduino to the chip on the bread board and the chip on the arduino is removed. on the video only the gnd and vcc are connected from the arduino board.

but can my LED's and potentiometer interfere with the upload process? I never had that problem when uploading to the arduino board while my protoshield was connected with everything plugged in

I have demonstrated (on myself :-) ) plenty of times that having some part of my circuit connected the Rx & Tx pins will interfere with downloading a sketch.

If I am breadboarding, I make sure to pull any wires off those 2 pins prior to downloading.

I think I even get failures if I have external 5V supplied while the USB is trying to power the chip during downloading.

So try those things.

A common Gnd goes without saying ?

I am guessing that is in place already as his video in the first post shows a working circuit with 2 wires coming from the power connector.
I am thinking the wires he has going from the 28-pin dip on pins 2 & 3 are causing the interference. Or maybe too much load on the FTDI chip.
Or perhaps he has Rx & Tx swapped.

When you hook up the RX & TX lines, are you also hooking up the reset line from the arduino? If not how are you resetting the chip on the breadboard when you do the upload?

which pin on the arduino should I connect to the reset pin on the chip? and the settings on the Arduino software, should it still be Uno?

Look at the Uno schematic at etc. Shows the DIP pins that go out to the headers. Good reference to have handy.

I got it to work when I inserted the reset pin, thanx guys!