Problems with Waveshare 4inch lcd touch screen

Hello, if anyone knows something about Waveshare lcd Arduino shields, I would need help. There is a mirroring problem with the paint example from the website and I would need help understanding the code. Adafruit library doesn’t seems to work on this model. I am using a Uno R3.

Do you mean the 4" touch TFT?
What protocol will you be using?

I have had good luck w/Adafruit libraries/ino's on several TFTs and LCDs, including 'paint' Sometimes, I have had to reconfigure the touch x,y position for the paint as it will be clocked differently from screen 'rotation'.......

check out the adafruit lib's for more detail. You will probably be using the 'breakout' example and it has pretty good documentation for SPI

really only need:
power 3.3v?
touch CS
tft CS
tft DC

Yeah I mean the 4" tft screen. The example for this screen does not use adafruit, but I tried to use it. Now that I know wich pins to use, I will try it again. Thank you, I will try this!