Processing not communicating with Mega 2560 over serial

I have been unable to send or receive data between my Mega 2560 and Processing. This is troubling because the same codes that work with my UNO do not work with my Mega. When I open the serial monitor I can view values written by the arduino and input values that the arduino responds to, so the serial appears to work, just not with processing. I have checked the baud rate, the serial port number, and all sorts of factors over and over again and tried numerous sketches, including those included in the examples section of both the arduino and the processing IDE's. Upon researching this I have found several posts on forums with the exact same problem, however none of them were solved or had any sort of solution posted. I have tried everything from uninstalling and re-installing the drivers, the Arduino IDE, and the Processing IDE, resetting the board when I run the Programming sketch, and everything else I could possibly think of / read could be a solution online. The bottom line is nothing has worked, and I'm approaching the limits of my sanity. Could someone please help me?

Update: When I have the arduino analog-read a potentiometer and serial print the data (and i can see it working correctly from the monitor) and have Processing read this code and print it to the console, It gives me numbers alternating between 10,51,and 59 reguardless of how I move the potentiometer. This seems like a timing issue of some kind, as if Processing's clock is slightly off and incorrectly reads the serial values.