program with processing


Do you know how I can make a program in Processing to get a window with a "box" allowing me to enter an angle to assess a servo control via an Arduino?

Thank you.

There are plenty of examples that come with Processing. One of them, in Examples + Basics + Input should provide enough clues to allow you to collect keyboard input. Moving the cursor around on the screen might be tricky, or it might not.

Making the form look like it contains a standard text entry field is a matter of careful drawing.

Sending the data to the Arduino will require either a send "button" or automatic processing when the enter key is pressed.

Thank you,

But I already made a program with the pad on the PC but I can not change this one to have a "box" where I can go 90 degrees to move my servos? If you have more information I'm interested.

Why don't you post what you have (use the # button to post the code)and tell us what you want and we may be able to help?