programmable digital timer

Hi All i want to build and program a system that involves a re programmable timer, i.e from 0.0 secs to say 5.0 minutes and say at 1.9 sec send a pulse to a pin to activate a relay to switch on then off and then say 1.2 minutes another pulse to another relay to active on then off something else. There could 10 cues there could be 100 it all depends on what the job needs. or instead of relays the pin goes live with 12v what ever is easier. Hope somebody can help Cheers

The timer functionality at such time spans is used with millis().

Give Several Things At a Time a read and similar articles.

For specific advise, post the code you currently have using code tags </> at the top left of the posting screen.

If you need help understanding how to use millis() after reading articles, you can post your concerns as well.

You'll want to be much more specific about what you mean by "on and then off". The Arduino can send pulses so short that a relay won't be able to react.

How many outputs do you require?

Did you want to have some kind of display to let you know what was happening?

Did you want an input keypad along with that display so you can edit the event list in the field?

Did you want storage for more than one event sequence so you can switch back and forth?

Are all events in tenths of a second? Do you want to use minutes and seconds or 300.0 seconds to get 5 minutes?

There are probably 100 more details that you will need to consider in the course of designing your timer.