Programming 2 servos

I know this is an easy thing to do but Im still struggling to learn it.
Just need a program to control 2 or more servos. I had a great program 6 months ago but my laptop did its chernobyl impersonation and melted down and lost everything.

Thanks so much not a great specification.

Check the examples in the Wokwi simulation: It shows a few different ways. There are also many libraries that can be helpful.

Okay, I admit that I have something to do with it, I made two of those examples.

Is the SSD also gone by a fire from the battery ?


Some of those examples are pretty ropey - you may want to distance yourself from the others ones.

Thanks guys. Sorry for being so vague. All I really need help with is where to write in my 3 servos for pin 9, 10 and 11 in the line of code. I was doing pretty well learning it until about 6 months ago. after my laptop smoked I put everything aside and whatever I learned left my brain like a beer fart in a whirl wind.

to be as vague as you:
servo1.attach(your IO-pin)
servo2.attach(your IO-pin)
servo3.attach(your IO-pin)


that's all.


Sheesh, some people.

just a demostration of beeing very short on information

Yeah, but people are soooooo literal, they'd've attached three servos to a single pin :smiley:

sheesh :wink: :wink: :wink: interesting learning-experience.
Maybe such people should try using alexa.

"Alexa! code three servos for me"

Thanks so much. I think thats all I needed.

Yeah totally! cant believe some people. lol

I'm literal but aint that literal. I do have some conservative values too. lol

I really do appreciate the help very much. I know I aint too bright but at some point you all started somewhere in the beginning too.