Programming a motorized slider

Hello! My name is alex, i am complete new in this subject to be honest, but i started to work on a project for a camera slider, in the beginning it was gonna be manual control, then i decided to make it motorized;
The problem is that i am not experienced when it comes to programming at all.
The project is simple; i would like the slider to move from home position to the opposite side with a couple of limit switches on each end, and to be able to control the speed with an encoder that can be shown on oled display. With an option to return to home position.
If you guys can help me with this i will really appreciate it big time, or if there is a fee i need to pay i would do it as long i get this thing running. Thank you for this forum.

The project is simple;

No the project is quite complex, however the description of it might be simple.
You have not said how fast you want to move this slider.

I would suggest you use a stepping motor maybe a geared one to drive your slider. This eliminates the need for an encoder and one of the limit switches.