Programming an atxmega

So I've been looking at the atxmega256A3 recently and it seems that it would be the perfect MCU for my next project. Problem is that you can't program it via SPI based ISP, like you can with atmegas. So i'm wondering if anyone has written a library which can turn an arduino into a PDI programmer. If not, is there any software which can use my computers parallel port as PDI programmer?

Has no one ever done this? It would be a pain to have to use an atmega instead of an xmega. I've also heard that you can program an atmega16u2 as a PDI programmer but I couldn't find any code.

Is this any use?

You might have more luck asking over at AVR Freaks, they have a dedicated Xmega sub forum.

From what I hear though the Xmegas look good on paper but aren’t reliable or even available. Mind you I have looked for some time, things may have improved.