Programming Arduino sketches

I am using Simon Monk's Programming Arduino 2nd ed. End of Ch2 he says to download Arduino sketches as a zip file ( from I cannot find this file. There was a previous forum question from 2014. The admin response has been deleted but the user response looks like the issue was solved. I am using MacOS. May I have the info, too? Thanks!

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On the page you link to there is a link to the sketches from the book GitHub - simonmonk/programming_arduino_ed2: The source code for the sketches in the second edition of the book 'Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches' by Simon Monk published by McGraw-Hill Education (TAB)

Go to that page, click on the "Code" button, and select "Download Zip" from the drop-down menu.

Thank You, Mr Monk might change that reference in his next edition. Roland

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