Project 9 motorized pinwheel doesn't work

Hi there,

i am working trough the official arduino projects book.
Everything is working fine so far. But...

I'working with project 9, and the moter doesn't work.
If i hotwire the motor, (so directly on the battery without breadboard) it spins . So motor is working fine, and battery has enough power.

Code complies without errors, i see the TX and RX led blink, so code should be uploaded.
Presse dthe button, and nothing happens.
I build the circuit, looked angain, and again. No wires missing. I cannot see the faulty thing i missed.
Therefore removed every wire, start from scratch, and build the complete circuit again.
resetted the Arduino, uploaded the code, TX and RX are blinking, pressing the button, nothing happens.

I simply tested the push button, by making a circuit with a led and diode, end working fine. I used also the other mosfet (in my starterkit there a 2 of them) because one could be defect. Butt stillnothing is happening when pressing the button.
Of course chanegs made the the board, de USB cable is disconnected form the arduino.

In another tread somebody is saying, switch to pin 8 instead of pin 9 due to pwm.
I did do this, changed the MotorPin to 8, uploaded the program, and nothing is happening.
I also did chane the digitalwrite HIGH to analogwrite 255 (somebody else is telling this on this forum)
but nothing is happening.

What am i missing?

Can anybody help me out ?

Please remember that not many people on the forum actually have the starter kit, and we will need more information to be able to help you.

Can you upload the 'Blink' sketch successfully?

Could you take a photo of your set up? In particular the way you have the mosfet wired up, and how the diode is connected?

the blink project (sample from the arduino program) works fine. Upload is OK.

Found it, in line 10, it says switchState in mine it says switchPin, solved it.