Project Help - Sending Signals to Arduino

Hey Everyone,

So I've never worked with an arduino before and was looking for some general advice on a project I wanted to implement! Essentially, I want to have an arduino that will always be connected to LED lights and a speaker. Whenever I send a POST call to a specific web URL or a webhook to this URL, I want the arduino to receive that signal and in turn, flash lights and play a sound. What sort of equipment would I need and how would I go about setting up this project.

Any and all help would be very much appreciated! :)


You want it to be wired internet or wifi? Does Arduino need to serve the webpage? Any other details you want to fill in?

It would be through wifi and the arduino wouldn't necessarily have to serve the webpage but it would just pick up the responses that the webpage would be receiving. I am also open to other ways the arduino could receive the signal but right now I do have signals that are being sent as POST calls to an address and I was hoping the arduino could potentially pick this up.

How could Arduino pick up POST requests that aren't directed to it but to some other website?

Well, my question is how can I send a signal from an online web server to an Arduino, the Arduino to pick up the signal and flash lights?

I think you should do some googling and reading. This type of thing has been done so m any times over. Surely there is something out there for you to learn. Once you understand a little, I think you can ask a better question.

Ambitious project for someone who has done nothing with the Arduino. But since you're starting from square -2, I'd recommend starting off with not an Arduino but an ESP8266 variant such as the Wemos D1 Mini. Cuts out a lot of the work of making the Arduino Wifi capable.

The coding bits are not terribly difficult, but there are many ways to approach it depending on what your client side web junk looks like.

So I'm thinking about using yaler to set up my wifi enabled arduino with its own web address and my web server will just send POST calls to my arduino's web address. Whenever my arduino receives the call, it would flash the lights. Would I be able to connect my arduino to an external power source and make this work?