Prototyping ADS1232 - physical connection

I am developing a weigh scale application and would like to use the ADS1232 A-D converter. I purchased one and realized that it has a very tiny form factor - I have never worked with a TSSOP device before.

I then purchased a TSSOP proto board. It arrived and it plugs nicely into a breadboard, unfortunately it requires soldering the TSSOP device. I can solder ok but doubt I can do something this small manually.

Does anyone know of a way to physically prototype this chip (or any other TSSOP device) that does not require special soldering equipment?

yes, chipquick

It's a low melting temperature solder paste you apply to the pins of the ic and place the ic on the pads and heat it slightly with a heat gun. The solder paste flows almost immediately with a heat gun and is cool within 10 seconds after turning off the heat gun.

I can solder ok but doubt I can do something this small manually.

If you can solder ‘OK’, you can solder that device. The trick is you don’t have to be able to precision solder every pin. You just use a big fat chisel tip that is as wide as three or four of those pins and let solder flux and surface tension pull the solder to the pins and pads. If any actually bridges, you wick it away. This is not at all hard to do.

Here are a few ICs I have done over the past few days using this technique:





He's right. Almost anyone with SMD experience knows and uses the technique he described. It's a no-brainer really...