Pt100 connection more than 20 sensors ?


There is a task to connect more than 20 pt100 sensors, each sensor has 2 contacts, does not want to use a giant motherboard for analogue connection, it is also not clear how many support sensors fee MAX31865?
Want to use them on digitalRead, but I can't figure out how?
I use this pt100:

Have any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

The 31865 has a serial type output , you can’t use digital read with it .

Have a look at this :

Couple of points - A 2wire connection of an RTD will not give accurate results due to the lead resistance .
Why do you want to read 20 ?
Something like a DS18B20 is easier to wire , if the temperature range is right ,accurate, look at those.

The goal is to use very small sensors, the DS18B20 is quite large, I need sensors like match-size :\

I have never seen PT100 that small. maybe they can be found that small, but they are analogue devices anyway.

In short, the DS18B20 are the smallest of the digital sensor family?

Dunno, they are a rather thick match, but they are surely the most popular, and have a very thin demand on pins.