Put a password to a sd card

Hello guys, i am working on a project where i save some data to a sd card using arduino uno. I want my sd card to be password protected(or the file in the sd card) so nobody can have access to my data than me. I am thinking if it can be possible to put the password to my code and when i open the file or initialize the sd card to unlock the card or the file.

Is it possible and do you know where can i find some guidance to achieve it?


You can encrypt data before saving it to file and decrypt after retrieving it from file. Your password can be (part of the) key that you use to encrypt/decrypt.

There are libraries with examples; search for Arduino 3DES or Arduino AES.

Due to memory constraints, you might have to work on chunks of data instead of the full data. Not sure if you need base64 (search for Arduino base64) to be able to differentiate between the encrypted chunks when retrieving them. base64 creates 'text', so you can place each chunk on a line in the file.