Putting capacitors onto breadboard

Can someone please show me a breadboard view on how to connect up the two capacitors so that everything is correct:


This is also a schematic I tried to create with Fritzing, is it the same as the above?


See image:


Power rails on both sides are connected off screen.

Decoupling capacitors are most reliable when placed as close the the processor as possible. The fewer connectors to have to go through the better. And of course, you are not limited to how many you can place. If it makes you feel safer, then add more.

Thank you. I'll try that out at the weekend, when I next get a chance to work on my project.

I'd put the cap over the chip, with the ground side connected to one of those two ground connections on the opposite side.

Also, make sure that the power + ground rails on the two sides of the breadboard are connected (sometimes this is done internally - but sometimes it's not).

Hi, the good thing is that the VCC and GND (pins 7 and 8, and pins 20 and 22) are next/close to each other. This helps putting the capacitor as close to the chip as possible (which is what we want).

Please refer to the attached picture which was taken from Nick Gammon's page : http://www.gammon.com.au/breadboard

Moreover, that page is extremely useful if you are working on an ATMEGA328P on a breadboard.