puzzled about IDE


I must be being dim here, but I can't get the IDE to work.

It's a problem with saving sketches. Basically, once a sketch is modified, I can't save it - I get the message "some files are marked read-only..." (I'm sure they're not). It then goes into a Save-as dialogue box - if I try to "Save-As" and select the original file, I get "you cannot save the sketch into a folder inside itself ..."

What's doing on? It's driving me crazy!

Windows, Mac, or linux?

You can't modify the example sketches directly. You need to save them to your sketchbook after you modify them and not to the example folders.


Thanks for the info - I also found the solution through serendipity after installing V17 - I must have messed about so much with V16 that files/folders/paths were knackered - A clean install made it all work seamlessly :)