PWM Set Value Input out of Range Error


I use Arduino and ESCON driver to control a MAXON EC60 motor. My Arduino programs work very well. There is no problem until yesterday the motor cannot be actuated. I use ESCON Studio to check the problem and it shows the following error:

Error name: PWM Set Value Input out of Range Error
Description: PWM signal on digital input frequency or duty cycle out of range.

Since the Arduino programs work well previously. I guess something weak connections with the cables. Because I can read motor sensor data, there is no problem with the sensor connections. Then I guess the 3 winding connections are not good. Then I use ESCON monitor to check the PWM signal, I think PWM Set Value is abnormal, it seems too high. You can see it in the following picture.

I do not know if I am right. Please help me and thanks very much.

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