Python to Arduino

Ok, long story short.

Right now I have succeeded in converting gy521 gyroscope's output and convert them to byte and to readable numbers by inputting gy521's information into python and python runs it. Now I'm facing s dumb problem of putting python program into Arduino IDE and put into arduno. Is it even possible? Or was I not suppose to make a separated program in python. I mean python is convenient. Thats why I did it.

Arduino sketches are C++. If you want to use the Arduino IDE, you need to write your code in C++ (actually the Arduino IDE also works with C and assembly but most Arduino code is C++).

There are a couple of projects that allow you to program microcontrollers using Python:

but you can only do that with specific boards. You can not use it with the popular AVR-based Arduino boards like the Uno, Mega, Leonardo, Nano, Pro Mini, etc.

You'll have to translate the Python to C or C++. The Arduino can do only what any computer can, and anything a computer can do can be expressed in either language.

In doing you may end up understanding how the program works. On the other hand, I've done a this quite a bit without the least idea of what I wa doing, much like Google translate must.

Hey, when will google translate handle programming languages?