Python with Arduino?

Hi i want to program Arduino with python.
Do you know about some IDE using python.

Michal aka micheno

I don't think that you can program a standard Arduino with python. Arduino boards don't have a python interpreter.

You can do a search for micropython and you will some non-Arduino boards; I think from SparkFun, maybe from others ad well.

I try to do a blink in python IDE, it works but i need to write a code for upload, and that was annoying

You can use micro python using the Arduino Portenta board. Here are the official Arduino tutorials.

Will it work with arduino uno without buying anything?

No - The UNO is programmed in C++

No - The UNO is programmed in C++

I tried to do blink in python and it works

If it works, what is the problem?

You can only upload hex files or binary files to an Uno. So the code you wrote in python needs to be converted to that first.

The above will be the difficult part.

Once that is done, you can upload, either using the built-in boot loader and avrdude (check avrdude's documentation) or using a dedicated programmer.

The official Arduino SAMD boards like the Nano 33 IoT and MKR Zero as well as the Nano 33 BLE can be used with CircuitPython:

but for your Uno you'll definitely need to use the C++-based Arduino programming language, and even with those other boards I mentioned I think you'll have a better experience using the Arduino language. In the case of the Portenta, the hardware has the resources to easily handle the overhead of using an interpreted language like MicroPython.