Hello friends i am beginner to Arduino can u help to build QUADBOT using Arduino

Well, you obviously have some concept as to what a "QUADBOT" is - would you care to share it with the rest of us?

Is this supposed to be an RC Car? What all do you want it to do?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcqzeJnG5bk something like this check out the link

OK so what is currently holding you back?

I know about AVR ..but dont know wat r the sources used in this and programming the arduino ..

The sources will depend on the hardware. Have you tried driving your servos with the Servo library?

I'm sorry to be so vague, but I have no idea what your experience of mechanics or software is. (hint)

I dont know about mechanics servos etc. :zipper_mouth_face:. But know c and c++. i have done project using ATMEGA8.

Get hold of a couple of the servos you plan on using and play around with them.

Gaujukorse, there’s quite a bit of info on this but it looks like you will need a robot controller board? Roboduino or Spider and a motor controller and then some programming after that. It seems a fairly new device but looks interesting. You can mount pressure sensors on the feet for balance on uneven terrain.

I would suggest to buy a kit if you have no idea about mechanics. It's more difficult to deal with comparing to programming as my experiences.

This does not look like an easy project. It looks like a lot of sensors, data crunching, servo control, and balancing. You might want to start a bit smaller. Maybe just make a car or something that will require a lot less of these complex systems. And I love the texting lingo, its good to be efficient and not write those extra 3 letters