Quadruino, an Arduino QuadCore !!!

Just got this info and blogged about it, still can't believe it:

Arduino with 4 ATMega328 on a single board

Just one word: "WOW" If it is true.... it is great ;D I hope to listen something about this project in the next future...

I’ll wait until tomorrow to decide if it’s true or not. Poisson d’Avril, and all that.

I'll wait until tomorrow to decide if it's true or not.

Agreed - hard to tell with it being April 1 and all.

It would be neat if real, but I'm leaning towards it being fake - - They only show an artist rendering and yet its supposed to be available in 4 weeks. (Surely they would have a prototype by now.) - There's only one JTAG, and no visible switch to set the target MCU. (I suppose the ALTERA chip could control this, but that seems problematic.)


A a A P ap A R P apr A R P1 APR1 AL R P1 APR1L

Nop , can`t work it out !!!!

Is this a Joke or What???

Yes, a joke. In the electronic hobby, at least here in the US, it had been a tradition for one of the electronic magazines, I forget which one started it (sixties I think) and which also participated later, would publish an amazing story or announcement in every April publication. It would never fail to fool some newcomers to the field, while the wise older readers would hint that they knew all along which one was THE April fools story. Many technical web sites have continued this tradition.


Check out this thread for John Ryan's very real dual core: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1205243372/all

This would be such a cool project if it was real, not that I would use half the IO pins though! ;)

If you want more pins, you can get a sanguino,illuminato or a mega

Aw, too bad... i would actually have liked this board, and probably would use it... maybe this forum needs a new section for overclockers, parallel corers, and other types of n-way projects with the arduino :)

I was trying to collect different "multi-core" projects:


http://antipastohw.blogspot.com/2008/06/quad-core-arduino-tower.html http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1213277863/2



I've been working on a 4-CPU Arduino for the past couple of months. Photo below is of a recent prototype. It's still pretty rough (no DC jack, USB is still on a breakout, and the pinouts are PCB layout convenient) but you get the idea.

The TX/RX from the USB is switched from CPU to CPU using a DP4T switch. The RES and Power bus lines are tied together as well as the I2C pins (although not totally necessary, was useful in my application).

If I ever wanted to respin this I would probably make on of the CPU pinouts up to date with the Decimilia so shields could be used, and switch most components for SMT for a tigheter layout (right now it's a MONSTER).

Let me know what you think :)


what i think? wow, someone really did my april fools joke in real!

That's pretty cool. I was thinking about making a "quad" shield that would connect via I2C and provide a single reset for all of them. Besides the fact that Eagle Lite won't allow that size of a board, my skills are lacking.

I used DipTrace to lay it out which is restrictive in pin-count instead of sq-in.

If you can wade through the schematic for any of the standard Arduino boards there’s a lot of copy/paste here.

I am working on a robotics platform that requires a lot of multitasking so the multi-CPU design made a lot of sense. The other cool thing is these boards can be daisy-chained or connected to other I2C devices.

How wrong is it that I completely want one, but have absolutely no idea of what I would do with it.

Very Cool. 8-)

when will these boards be ready for public destribution with support? I have been needing such a setup since i first got my first uhh... "single core" arduino two month ago... btw, epic job ;)

When first sitting down to work on it I had no idea there would be ANY interest in it whatsoever. Give me a couple weeks to rework the layout a bit and I'll post some screenshots before trying to go into real distribution.

I used DipTrace to lay it out which is restrictive in pin-count instead of sq-in.

I have that program, too. I think it just moved up in my "need to learn" queue.

They have a program where you can get a better Not for profit license by emailing them.

Registration data should be copied into Help/Register dialog box in Freeware or into nag-screen in trial version.

Notice that Non-Profit (Lite) license works only starting from 2.0.06, so if you have earlier version please download update from http://www.diptrace.com/download.php

This offer works for all active DipTrace users, not only for single community/forum members, so if you wish you can post info about this offer to other PCB/EDA communities where people may be interested in it (please do not spam though).

With kind regards, Victor Savenko DipTrace Team

I have that program, too. I think it just moved up in my "need to learn" queue.

I like it. They don't have the fanbase out there that eagle does so I wound up having to make more than a few component packages myself, but it's easy to get up an running on.

I've since upgraded so I can panelize multiple boards onto a single run and was exceeding the pin limit, but the free or Non-profit versions are great.