Question regarding battery 18560 and servo motor

Arduino Uno based project.

I was supposed to give power to Arduino Uno with 18650 Battery Cell 3.7V x 2, but instead I am giving power to Arduino Uno from my Laptop directly.

Two Basic IR sensors, one 16 X 2 LCD and one servo motor SG-90 is meant to be connected to the Arduino Uno. Everything worked absolutely fine except the Servo motor SG-90. But later I figured out it was faulty, so I ordered a new one, tested it alone with Arduino. The new servo is Good. I don't know it was faulty beforehand or I did something wrong.

My question is:

  1. Is it ok to power the servo motor from the Arduino knowing that other components are connected as well? (I am powering it with my Laptop)
  2. Will it damage my Arduino if I try to connect the servo or will it damage the servo? Because I have read that it is fine to connect one servo motor with Arduino Uno directly but I have other components as well!
  3. Will the Servo motor get damaged if I provide it 9V from a regular battery? (note that only the servo motor with 9V and Arduino with the Laptop)
  4. Off topic : What is 3.7V x 2? It means that I require two 3.7V battery to connect it with Arduino. but does it mean that I get double the voltage or it is something else. I d k how battery connecter works.
  5. Is it fine if I power only my Servo With 18650 Battery Cell 3.7V x 2, and Arduino Uno with Laptop.

Please note that I want to power the Arduino with laptop. How can I power the Servo Motor only with external supply. I am scared if I make any mistake and my servo is burnt I cant buy or order new Quickly because of the pandemic. Operating voltage of the servo motor is 4.8 to 6V


Powering a motor from the Arduino 5 volt is no, no.

So have should I power it. Can I connect 18650 Battery Cell 3.7V x 2 to Servo?

Not directly. 7.4V is too much for an SG90. 3.7V is not enough.


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