Questions about designing an Arduino shield!


So i want to design a shield for an Arduino Uno. Or to be more precise, i already have designed a shield for an arduino, but now I have some questions:

1.) I designed the PCB with Eagle Cad. So I installed the SparkFun Library and started working. But now I have my doubts. The shield basis you get via the library does not align with the correct pins on the Arduino Uno. Is that normal?

2.) I had to design a own part at one time. But i don’t know if i made it correctly. Would somebody mind to control is for me? Here is the Datasheet and the file is beneath.

3.) In general i’m not sure if the things i did were correct. Would somebody maybe be so kind and give a brief look over my circuit?!

Goal of this shield is it to output 24 10V PWM Signals. These will be used to control a Dimmer for Stage-lightnings.
To do this I used Op-Amps, a Voltage Converter to reach the supply Voltage and Shift Register to get the required amount of 5V outputs.

All necessary files are (hopefully) attached

Sincerely Okaghana.

gerber (108 KB) (475 KB) (1.41 KB)

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