Radio Video Transmission

Ok, start with 11 frames per second. How many bytes make up ONE frame? Multiply that by 11 and how many bytes per second do you get? That is the starting point for your design.

I fancy with - presumably four - screens in front of one person it will be rather confusing! :woozy_face:

I'm not quite sure how many bytes in one ov7670 photo. And yes, I want it to be more realistic like a whole cockpit is in front of me hehe.

Don't you think that's a pretty fundamental bit of research you ought to have done?

It's not like it's a State Secret.

You will find a reasonable answer by putting the above into a Google search.

307,200 bytes per photo. Is that fine?

Multiplied by 11 is equal to 3,379,200 bytes per second

Maybe up your power budget a bit, and put some compression hardware onboard?

But that's not how video works, at least not in this context. The video from the cameras will be compressed using an appropriate standard algorithm - H264, or whatever.

We need to know the bitrate from each camera, not the pre-compression bit rate from the internal sensor.

Let's try to work with one first, then try to solve the problem one after another. First, is it possible to take 12 photos in a second then transmit it using arduino?

Why would you think it would be?

It has been pointed out that the ESP32 appears to be the minimum requirement.

Minimum requirement for what?

If I were to use esp32, can i view it even if we are connected to different networks? Like i will connect esp32 to one wifi then my laptop to another wifi. I will use the laptop, open the web browser then type in the esp32's ip address. Will that work? Take note of the different wifi connection.

Why are you stuck on using a WiFi network?
You do not need it.

Does'nt esp32 camboard use wifi?

They can use WiFi, Bluetooth, or they can direct-connect with 6(I think) other ESP32 by way of ESP-NOW. Which is faster that a WiFi connection.
I said that before, but I don't think I said it clearly enough :smiley:

They are also dua-core so multitasking moves faster.

I don't tinker much with esp32, so all I know is wifi connection​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. So how can I use esp32 as an fpv camera aside frome using wifi? If possible, please make it detailed. Thanks

Consider doing so. The ESP32-Cam is dirt chip and there are lots of tutorials on line. You will vastly better informed for planning your project.

I repeat- How do you control the drone?
(I foresee a problem here).

Just like most arduino control. Nrf24lo1 will be used. Its still a plan but I want it to be well planned before I start working on it.

May I ask for your advice on what should I research about the esp32. I want to view its camera LIVE, preferably raspberry pi cause I have one that's been on the stock for about 2 years now.:grinning::grinning:

Have you carried out any tests to see if the Nrf24lo1 acting as the RC receiver works reliably when very close to several Nrf24lo1s acting as transmitters ?