Raspberry Pi to Arduino SPI Communication

Hello everyone,

I have a project that, i need to communicate Raspberry Pi 4 (Master) with Arduino Uno (Slave) on SPI.
I am using SPI.h library on Arduino and spidev library in Python on RPi. My aim is that, Master is going to fill a data buffer and send it to the Slave at 1Mbps. I couldn't achieve the data sending process so i designed a simple transmit example. In this example Master send a byte to Slave and Slave print that byte on the screen. But i couldn't this example either. I am using logic converter on my connections so, i think voltage difference is not a problem. When i searched through ethernet, i found some examples with the WiringPi Library but i have to code RPi in Python.
Also i found Penguin Tutor's tutorial but i failed to convert that code for my purpose.

My Arduino Code:

// Jan 2022
// Orkun KESKİN


#include <SPI.h>

//Received byte from Master
volatile byte recv_byte;

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:
  Serial.begin(9600); // for debugging.

  // Turn ON SPI in slave mode.
  SPCR |= bit(SPE);
  // Have to send on MASTER IN, SLAVE OUT
} // end of setup

void loop() {
  //Byte Received!
  if ((SPSR & (1 << SPIF)) != 0)
    recv_byte = SPDR;


Raspberry Pi Code:

#Master Code 
#Orkun KESKİN Jan 2022

import spidev
import time
#SPI Bus and CE pin selection 

#SPI activating
spi = spidev.SpiDev()
#Transmitting speed is 1Mbps

#Sending Sequence
while True:
    send_byte = 0x05  #Sent byte to the Receiver from Transmitter
    time.sleep(0.5)  #Delay for Arduino's register, it may be 0.25

I receive zeros in Arduino's Serial Port Screen. What am i missing?
Thank you.

Did you check that all used hardware is able to work correctly at 1MHz? (We cannot check as you failed to provide a wiring diagram)
Did you connect the grounds?

Don't print anything to the Serial if you didn't receive anything. Compared to SPI speed (1MHz) the serial speed (9.6kHz) is extremely slow.

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My main problem was, serial screen could not catch the SPI speed so, i couldn't see any meaningful variable on screen I raised bitrate, i used interrupt, instead of polling and it worked.
Thank you.