rc light controller

I’m new to the arduino and have been loving my learning process. I have been watching video tutorials and doing the samples codes and circuits for about the past week. I finally decided it was time to write my first sketch.
I decided my first project would be a led controller for my RC car, and the best place to start would be with using a 2 axis joystick and push button to mimic the eventual input from the RC Tx.
The pushbutton is to change headlight mode from, off/low beam/ high beam/ back to off, and the 2 axis joystick will operate brake/reverse and left/right turn signal leds.
I changed code and variables several times to get current setup. Currently, when I plug in the usb, the arduino will automatically start cycling through off/low/high and repeat indefinitely, with the x,y joystick with builtin pushbutton. Previously, I had a separate pushbutton. The code wouldn’t run until first input. But it would cycle two modes at a time instead of 1. ive adjusted delay from (5) to (1000). >(60)ish fixed debounce issue with first switch. Past that, would just noticeably affect println time.
I realize that I currently have unused variable ints. Other than that, I am new and would appreciate input on my coding format, and my coding problem.
Thanks in advance

rc_lights2.ino (2.2 KB)

I apologize. Im not aware of how to have the sketch show without having to download it.

You can use the code tags button, </>, on the menu above.

Put you code in the box that opens.

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Thanks.. Tom.. :)