Re: Extracting RSSI Results from XCTU to Arduino

Dear all,

I have started a new post and would like to ask how to extract the RSSI information from XCTU to Arduino.

My previous post on RSSI is this:
if anyone would like to refer to that post.

For now, I want to know if there are any codes that can extract the RSSI values that is shown on XCTU and program it to show the same results on Arduino Serial Log and how to write the codes.

I have attached 2 screenshots showing the 2 XBees in API Coordinator and AT Router modes. And the XCTU results for RSSI.

Overall, I know RSSI is a fluctuating value but is it possible to read out in Arduino Serial Log? How must I code it to do the +++ and the ATDB in Arduino.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!