Re-opening an automatically closed thread

I believe this thread should remain open because it was, up until its closure, one of the main places to discuss matters relating to what is a current Arduino tool, that is the Sloeber Eclipse development environment. Windows/Linux/Mac Eclipse plugin to compile and upload arduino sketches

Incidentally, I had thought that the standard way to get a closed thread re-opened was to use the "flag" icon on a post in the thread and add a note. With this thread this was not possible. The "flag post" hotspot image is inaccessible:

Hi @6v6gt. I have now reopened the forum topic as requested.

It will remain open until automatically closed again if 6 months should elapse without any activity.

Many thanks. I guess when Sloeber is stable and well understood, people don't feel the need to talk about it. Anyway, a relatively new release has emerged . . .

Please open all topics and turn off auto closing it is totally useless. I don't understand why you force the users to create a new topic instead of they would have a possibility to extend an already existing one. This is why the forum is full of useless topics and comments, such as how to upload a sketch to a board, hundreds and thousand times. Advanced users are not interesting in this and don't want to waste the time with it, rather, they leave the site and quantity comes at the expense of quality.

Hi @phr3ak. If there is a topic you would like to reply to, just click the :black_flag: icon at the bottom of the topic, select "Something Else" as the reason for the flag, and ask nicely for a moderator to reopen it for you, providing a short explanation of the reason. We will usually accommodate such requests within a matter of minutes.

No, it's because a lot of people don't research the problem they have. "It does not work" and they immediately post a question on the forum.

How would removing the lock help?

It would create one massive topic (hundreds or thousands posts). And for anybody with a problem (and has found the topic through research), they have to read the replies from the beginning till they find a provided solution that works for them. And for those that want to help, they will probably repeat the questions that were already asked before or solutions that were already given.

Just my thoughts. I rather deal with individual topics.

i don't think it's easier to find an answer in many threads all with similar titles and topics than in one thread with lots of comments. I understand your arguments, but I don't think this is a solution to the problem. More emphasis should be placed on moderation and meaningless messages should be deleted.

It is an interesting difference in philosophy to that employed, for example, by
There, posts are not automatically closed. Not only that, during "quiet" times, old posts are "refreshed" by a bot giving the appearance of an increased activity level on the forum but also giving people the opportunity to update/improve such posts.
Anyway, and the one I consider most important, in the "Exhibition Gallery" ,where the threads (a) generally have a long lifetime, and (b) may be of interest to people who do not know the forum well enough to get threads reopened, there is no such time limit.

majority of "added" comments after a serious cool down periode are not answering the question of the thread owner. The majority of such posts are better suited for a new thread. Therefore the auto closing is ok.
As you were already told, you can request to open an old thread, if you think you can add something valueable.

If a topic answers a question there is no need for someone else to add anything to the end because the question has been answered. If someone else feels the need to add their question on the end then either it's the same question, so no point asking again, or it's a different question so should be new. The problem is people bang out new questions about simple things without reading the existing answers. New replies to old questions tend to contain spam. There are a small number of topics that are managed by one person who keeps the topic running and makes sure the content continues to be relevant to the original topic, but these are rare.

Don't forget that not everything consists of just one question and answer and there are topics that the speakers subscribe to and it would be easy to reach them later, and they can also receive notifications about topics that interest them. With this, a kind of traffic would be sustainable, I think the goal is not to depopulate the site.

I don't understand why you try to bring something like this tarned as an argument.
Neither "allways open topics" nor "closed old topics" are any measures to populate or depopulate a site. Nobody wants to "depopulate"

So what? As mentioned already, you can request to open a topic, add something and everyone registered to that topic will get the notfication. It's just that the late poster has to take an action before posting.

this is called user experience and if it's bad, users will leave, it's that simple.

They will. That includes the users who volunteer their time to provide help and advice. I think you will find those users approve of the rules here, including the automatic closure of topics.

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