read i2c bus directly by using a cable to the pc


i modified a wii extension to make it usable for the PC. the arduino read the buttonstate by i2c bus and write commands to the serial port and my C# programm read it and press a specific keyboard key.

is there a way to read the i2c from a device by using a pc? i want to use my arduino for other projects too so i try to find an alternative solution to get rid of my arduino. there is a i2c to usb adapter but its quite expensive, expecially for me since i live in austria. could i use it as a programmer to get the code into a i2c supported microchip and then use a USB modul to read data from the bus?

Arduino is the cheapest way to send data from i2c to PC. Otherwise you'll need a special PCI board or USB converter that will cost much more.

Its not /that/ expensive, but it costs as much as an arduino: Its called the bus pirate, it translates I2C (And other logic data signals) to usb-serial.