Read the position of a clock needle

I would like to build a sort of clock with one needle and read its position on 360° (the needle can be rotated clockwise and anticlockwise without stopping, with your hand).
I tried potentiometers but they stopped, then I tried a rotary encoder but if you don't turn it slowly it is totally lost. What could I use ? Is there a motor that can deliver the position of its angle if you turn it FAST manually?

I heard about encoded motor, maybe it makes the job

you can get very accurate rotary encoders (also can be very expensive)
how many steps do you require? e.g. 360PPR

I would also recommend using a microcontroller with a hardware Quadrature Encoder Interface (QEI) module
software QEI using Interrupt On Change is OK for slow rotation

Ok, I didn't know more accurate existed. I only have a cheaper model.

I found one not expensive (600 PR), maybe enough for what I want to do:

You're right, there're also more than $150 !!!

I have used low cost QEI encoders for menu control but for anything better I tend to look on Farnell

however, the one you found looks good and low cost

Thanks for the reference and help :wink:

...rotary encoders (also can be very expensive )

You can get one as cheap as $2.

if you don't turn it slowly it is totally lost.

That would be a code problem.