Read USB keyboard or use pro micro as USB host


So I'm trying to work on a project which requires to read an USB keyboard input from an Arduino, the problem is that I haven't found a lot of info about that, I have seen the USB shield but where I live there are only shields for the UNO which is a problem for me since it takes too much space and buying the mini host from the web would take too much.

basically my question is this how can I read a usb keyboard with the arduino? or how can I use the Pro Micro as a usb host? (since as far as I know the Pro Micro has native USB support thanks to the 32u4)

The 32U4 can only act as a USB device, not as a host. So you need a host shield or host breakout board.

Arduino Due can act as a host (according to Can the Arduino interface with USB devices without the USB host shield? - Arduino Stack Exchange); maybe a Cortex based Teensy can also act as host.

There are heaps of entirely serviceable PS/2 keyboards lying about.