Reading a linear CCD with and arduino

Hi I'm a relative newbie to arduino having used picaxe and epp before.
I am a notorious recycler and want to know how an arduino can be used to read a linear ccd that I have ratted out of a scanner.

Are there any arduino /at articles available or is there a generic reference that explains how to read the linear scanner.

i would help if you could post some more information. model number, markings, anything really.

I have desoldered a scanner sensor chip, and found the number marked on the bottom. Tracing that back with Google found me a datasheet, and that made a lot of sense when compared with the scanner sensor PCB. But that's as far as I've got! I think it might be feasible to use a scanner sensor with the Arduino, but it all depends on exactly which chip you've got and how it is interfaced to the host. I think the one I have (I actually have two of them) has an analog voltage output corresponding to the pixel brightness (three for R, G, B). The speed of reading-out pixel values is determined by the host, so the Arduino could clock the chip as slow as necessary, although I think we'd be quite limited by RAM size.

Hey! I was gonna do that!
But I guess I'll share what I learned...

I assume this was from a barcode scanner? That's where I got mine. The chips for actual scanners (flatbed) are a bit more complex to interface with. First of all, if it is a barcode scanner, you might consider just using the whole board. They can output (usually) a variety of digital friendly formats, including serial, PS2, wand (waveform) and even some proprietary ones.
For just interfacing the part itself, try this website: It tells a lot about how to interface with the scanner. Timing-wise, you're probably well within the capabilities of the arduino, although you don't want to wait too long while reading. To save memory you can discard pixels instead of saving them. A single line of scanner input can use up the entire arduino memory. Be careful.

Please let me (us) know how things go.

I assume this was from a barcode scanner?

No, it was a flatbed image scanner. Quite an old one!