Reading Atmel on chip temp sensor

I would like to read the chip temp to be aware of overheating when it is used in a remote location. In the Atmel manual it has this reference on page 252:

24.8 Temperature Measurement
The temperature measurement is based on an on-chip temperature sensor that is coupled to a single ended ADC8
channel. Selecting the ADC8 channel by writing the MUX3...0 bits in ADMUX register to "1000" enables the temperature
sensor. The internal 1.1V voltage reference must also be selected for the ADC voltage reference source
in the temperature sensor measurement. When the temperature sensor is enabled, the ADC converter can be
used in single conversion mode to measure the voltage over the temperature sensor.
The measured voltage has a linear relationship to the temperature as described in Table 24-2. The voltage sensitivity
is approximately 1 mV/°C and the accuracy of the temperature measurement is +/- 10°C.
The values described in Table 24-2 are typical values. However, due to the process variation the temperature sensor
output voltage varies from one chip to another.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Have you searched the forum for examples?

Have you searched the internet at large for examples?

I have searched but am not sure I am describing the issue properly to find anything. I didn't find anything. I guess it could be coded in assembler and it would be nice to not to have to reinvent the wheel.

As I wrote this response it occurred to me to look for a forum for the Atmel Studio users. It would be nice to know if Arduino ever accessed it.

Try this...

Looks like lots of stuff, thanks.

used that sensor to seed random one time long ago but it was not really random enough.
There should be some thread in the archives of (somewhere in the cellar :wink: