Readíng other chips then sim?

God evening members!

I have been reading up on smart cards, and I have a SIM card reader/writer here. Yeah fun... I want to read the info on a creditcard smartcard. Just want to add that I pretty good in programing but hardware programing is verry new to me, but I have ordered an arduino uno + some stuff like shields/SD reader/writer e.t.c.

Well.. I emailed many of the big msr factories and asked if they could help me out with finding a smartcard reader for creditcards, well, they couldn't but the attached a pdf with the info on a smartcard (probeply a sim).

Well, now to my question. Could I build a credit card reader that reads visa/mastercard e.t.c. ? Just want to read the info, not write. Please help me out.. //Best regards dubz & sorry for bad english.

Hi Dubz.

I appreciate your interest in this subject, but I have to warn you that reading someone's credit card it is a crime in many states.

I may sound a little bit conformist in saying this, but you should stop asking this kind of things on the forum unless you want that people (some people) may start thinking Arduino is something used to make swindles & cheating around.

If yours was just curiosity, I suggest you to look towards others topics.

Ciao Davide

Well, If I have to explain myself so sure..

We're working on a big show about information leakage that will be showed on Dreamhack this summer. We will show MITM attacks and how sniffing an unsecured network will harm people. How easily a SQL injection could steel your private information and how different trojans (keyloggers) could attack a computer and send information to a hacker.

As told before, software programming is not a problem. And for the end of the show we was planning to show how a coffe machine easily steels your creditcard information.

We already got a portable msr reader but we want to show that the "secure chip" isn't secure. But hey, If this was a big problem then we wont stick around here anymore.

Hi Dubz.

I'm not sending you away from the forum. I'm just saying that the topic is peculiar one!

Could I build a credit card reader that reads visa/mastercard e.t.c. ? Just want to read the info, not write

yes it is, you can also make some music with you credit card number

Sorry to doubt about your interest, but most of the time first-post users asking abuot credit cards are malicious guys.

Haha thanks for the link :)

No offence taken, the deal is that we have equipment for magnet stripe readers and when we watch some projects around arduino the reading of magnet stripe is not a problem. But.. it is the smartcard we want to read.

So, we have done a bit of research and the only link we manage to found, actually only one link, is this (that linking to another site) Don't know if we're searching on the wrong place but it seams really hard(?) to read the smartcard but we know that it is possibly because we have literature here showing us a image with the info on a card (creditcard).

//We're studying computer security & forensic in a university here in Sweden. Sorry if the topic seems malicious.