Reading Serial data using VBS on Windows 10

I have found the simple VBscript code in some old posts that worked for most:

Const ForReading = 1
Const ForWriting = 2

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set com = fso.OpenTextFile("COM6:9600,N,8,1", ForReading)
s = com.ReadLine


The issue is that if I plug Arduino Uno to my PC and run a script, the script get stuck at: s = com.ReadLine
If I just open and close Serial Monitor in Arduino IDE and then run VBS after, it runs every time.
I have tried adding delays after each command with WScript.Sleep(500) but it did't work. I tried it on different computers but the same happened. For testing I am using Examples/Basic/AnalogReadSerial sketch.
The goal for this script is to get current value of temperature sensor from Arduino to PC software, which only support external variables from VBS.
I will expand VBS later to be sure it catches something usefull if I can get communication to work.
I would be realy happy for any solutions since I am stuck with this for a few days.

From many similar posts in the past, I recall the VB program must wait for the Arduino to reset after the data line is opened.

Thank you for a replay. I tried with delays up to 5000ms and it didn't work.
I tried reading data using VB and C# and everything worked fine.

I think I will compile an exe file with c# that will read from com port and save data to txt. And then run this file from VBS.

Could be that the line "s=comReadLine" is waiting for a line terminator either CR or NL. Does your arduino transmit line use "Serial.println("data"), emphasis on println.

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